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Mission Statement

To provide moving assistance to individuals and families who cannot afford to physically move to a better or safer living conditions.


Currently we are only licensed for the state of South Dakota and only provide moving assistance within the city limits of Sioux Falls.


There is no charge for our moving service.  The moves are supported by grants and generous donations.  

Moving Qualifications
  • Individual or family must be within the Federal Governments Low Income Guidelines.  CLICK on the "READ MORE" bottom for more details regarding the Federal Governments Low Income Guidelines.



  • The move must be to a location the individual or family will be living within the City Limits of Sioux Falls, SD, we do not move to storage units.  The move must be to improve the current living conditions, more affordability and/or a healthier or safer living conditions.

  • Sponsor a moving project for your company or organization.  No experience needed.

  • Provide a community service project for families, schools, youth groups and churches.

  • Know someone who cannot physically or financially move?  We received referrals from the 211 HELP!Line, Sioux Falls Housing, and many other Sioux Falls Organizations.  Call us directly at the phone number listed above.

  • Is your group or organization wanting more information about what the Moving Assistance Program is about?  Give us a call at 605-221-5950.     




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