Volunteers Please Note


Prior to the move:

  • Volunteers must be 18 years of age or at least 14 years of age with an adult.

  • No special skill or requirements are needed.  If you have physical limitations please let us know prioir to the move.

  • We do suggest to wear old clothing that your are not afraid of getting dirty and a pair of gloves.

  • The average move is managed with 8 to 10 people.

Minimal Time Commitment


Every move is a little different but since March of 2008, when we started doing moves, we have developed a predictable and repeatable process:

  • 99% of our moves are completed within 2 hours.  This helps to limit the stress normally associated with moving.

  • The short timeframe allows volunteers a manageable way to schedule their time.

  • The average volunteer move is on Saturday morning.  We meet at 8:30AM CT to provide volunteers further information about the move.  The move starts at 9:00AM CT and we are finished by 11:00AM CT.




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Areas We Cover

We are licenced for the state of South Dakota and support moves only within the city limits of Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

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